Corporate-Link Business Solutions BEE Rating: Level Three (3) Contributor
Procurement Recognition Level: 110%

The Group has adopted the following definition of BEE:
The economic empowerment of all black people including women, workers, youth, people with dis­abilities and people living in rural areas, through diverse but integrated socio economic strategies that include, but are not limited to:

  • increasing the number of black people that manage, own and control enterprises and productive  assets facilitating ownership and management of enterprises and productive assets by communities,  workers,  cooperatives and other collective enterprises
  • human resource and skills development  achieving equitable representation in all occupational categories and levels in the workforce  preferential procurement  investment in enterprises owned or managed by black people

The Company is defined as a Black-owned enterprise in that BEE Effective Ownership, Control and Management exceeds 50.01%. The shareholding of the Group is 100% Woman Owned, 51% Black Owned.

The Company institutes a comprehensive Employment Equity Programme in order to provide a fair platform for development and in recognition of previously disadvantaged individuals

Corporate-Link Business Solutions is a Black Economic Empowerment organization, totally committed to the development of people who were previously disadvantaged. Over eighty per­cent of all employees are members of previously disadvantaged communities, as defined in section 61 of the Employment Equity Act of 1997.

The development of people within the Company, supported by advanced management and work ex­perience and a high, formal qualification average in senior levels - has created the current solid skills base of executives, managers, technicians, artisans and staff.

The Company’s human resources mission is to ensure a strong and sustainable competitive advantage through the competence, creativity and initiative of all employees. Corporate-Link Business Solutions commitment to em­powerment is matched by its commitment to employment equity targets and the ongoing development of its entire staff through Training and Development.